UW commencement is June 11: getting there

TWITTER_061016_UW-GradCongratulations UW class of 2016! All those years of study were hard enough, so don’t let one weekend of traffic mess up your celebrations. Here are some helpful links so you, your family and friends know what you need to heading into this weekend’s graduation ceremonies and parties.

  1. Light rail gets you right there! The new UW Station is at the doorstep to Husky Stadium. Four minutes from Capitol Hill, eight minutes from downtown. Seriously. If you’ve ridden, you know, and you want your family to try it out.
  2. Traffic will be really bad in the U District. The UW Transportation blog “How to Survive Commencement Traffic” explains the best ways to travel.
  3. Buses will be rerouting because of traffic restrictions, so review how your route will be affected. Details on how routes 31, 32, 48, 67, 75 and 372 are affected are posted in our alert center.
  4. Did we mention light rail? Nothing is faster in Seattle than traveling UNDERNEATH TRAFFIC. Here’s Link’s Saturday schedule.

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