Metro proposes changes to routes 8 (new Route 38), 9 Express, 106, 107, and 124

Have-a-Say-Spanish-500pwideWe’ve been working with community organizations in recent years to find out how Metro can help people get around better in Southeast Seattle. We’ve heard that people need better connections between Southeast Seattle and Renton and other areas south of the city. People also want more convenient bus service to stores, services and other activities along Martin Luther King Jr. Way South (MLK). If these changes are approved by the King County Council in coming months, they could start as soon as September 2016.

We want to know what you think of these proposed changes:

  • Revise Route 106 – to go MLK Jr. Way South, Rainier Avenue South, and South Jackson Street to the International District. Route 106 buses would come more often.
  • Revise Route 107 – to start beyond Rainier Beach and go through south Beacon Hill to the Beacon Hill Link light rail station, to replace this segment of Route 106. Route 107 would come more often.
  • Add trips to Route 124 – to keep the same level of service now provided between Georgetown and downtown Seattle by routes 106 and 124.
  • Replace southern Route 8 / new Route 38 – in March 2016, Route 8 will become two routes. The part of Route 8 operating between Rainier Beach and Mount Baker Transit Center will become the new Route 38. Route 8 will continue to operate between Mount Baker Transit Center and Seattle Center. If the proposed changes are approved, new Route 38 would be replaced by Route 106 in September 2016.
  • Reduce Route 9 Express – to operate during peak periods only. This reduction in service would help pay for the improvements and changes on routes 106, 107, and 124.

Have your say by Wednesday, Dec. 23

Find more information at:

6 thoughts on “Metro proposes changes to routes 8 (new Route 38), 9 Express, 106, 107, and 124

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  4. I live in SHAG senior housing at Rainier Ave. So. and 33rd Ave. So. Many of the seniors and families in these buildings (about 450 units) rely on the number 9 to take them near Harborview as well as the other hospitals and medical offices on First Hill. Reducing the number 9 would seriously affect my neighbors seeking medical help. I think that the other changes are fine.

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