What’s driving Metro? Learn more about the future of bus service in King County

Are you wondering what the future holds for Metro bus service?

We’ve been in the news a lot lately, and for good reason. Revenue to keep our buses moving has been shrinking in recent years, leaving us with a projected $75 million annual revenue shortfall. It’s a problem state legislators are also grappling with as declining revenues impact transit agencies all across the state.

Meanwhile, Metro has begun looking at how it will eliminate up to 17 percent of its bus service in future years if a sustainable funding package does not emerge in Olympia.

We know it’s a lot to absorb so we invite you to learn about the many issues that will impact what we look like in the future. Watch Metro General Manager Kevin Desmond’s recent interview with the West Seattle Blog. During the taped interview, Desmond lays out the myriad issues impacting Metro.

It’s your opportunity to hear about what’s driving Metro today and what may be in store for transit service tomorrow.

Find out more about where we’ve been and where we might be headed.

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