Update! Even MORE green lights for RapidRide

112122.jpg (JPEG Image, 2763x2127 pixels) - Scaled (26%)_1311016758076Did we say we added more green lights for RapidRide buses at eight new locations in the past two weeks? Well make that 10…

On Thursday, crews reported they activated transit signal priority at two more locations on Queen Anne Avenue N at Mercer and Harrison streets.

All told, the D Line now has 27 of 30 planned locations with longer green lights. See our checklist below…

We’re trying to wring every minute we can out of congested commutes to make RapidRide C and D line buses run swiftly and reliably. We’ve added bus trips and updated schedules and driver instructions.

And during the past two weeks, Metro and the city of Seattle activated “transit signal priority” at eight 10 more intersections along the D Line – bringing the total to 25 27 locations.

Transit signal priority improvements give RapidRide buses a longer green light to help an approaching bus make it through the intersection before the light turns. When a bus arrives on red, the other green lights are shortened to give the bus its green light sooner.

While we hoped to have all of the signals giving green lights to buses before the Sept. 29 launch of the RapidRide lines in Seattle, we’re glad they’re online now. We’ll continue working to get the remaining signal priority systems online to improve travel times.

We’re also still monitoring times, and will continue to fine-tune how the traffic signals work. For southbound buses, the additional green lights will improve reliability for C Line buses heading to West Seattle.

Where did we recently activate transit signal priority features?

Third Avenue West & West Mercer
Second Avenue West & West Mercer
First Avenue West & West Mercer
Queen Anne Avenue North & West Republican Street
First Avenue North & Harrison Street
First Avenue North & Republican Street
First Avenue North & Mercer Street
Queen Anne Avenue North & Denny Way
Queen Anne Avenue North & Mercer Street
Queen Anne Avenue North & Harrison Street

Six Four more intersections remain to be activated:

  1. First Avenue North & Denny Way (queue jump and transit signal priority)
  2. 15th Avenue Northwest & Northwest 67th Street (queue jump and transit signal priority)
  3. Elliot Avenue & West Prospect Street (queue jump and transit signal priority)
  4. Improved signal phasing is planned at Elliott Avenue and Mercer Place

We use many tools to provide faster, more reliable service – driver training and standby buses, improved stop spacing, traffic signal priority and coordination, bus lanes and in-lane bus stops, off-board ORCA readers and all-door loading.

We’ll keep you posted on progress on these and other issues, such as real-time information signs (stay tuned, we’re also tackling that.)

8 thoughts on “Update! Even MORE green lights for RapidRide

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  4. I want the option of using a printed schedule so I know whether I can transfer and don’t need to wait around so much!

  5. Why aren’t you publishing schedules. The New York Subway publishes schedules with 2 minute headways. Not publishing schedules with 15 minutes headways is ridiculous.

  6. The two intersections that have been on my mind have been 15th and Dravus and 15th and Leary Way. I often wait for what seems like far too long for the bus to get done waiting at these lights so they can pick me up. Are these intersections going to get some sort of signal priority?

  7. Thanks for the update. I’ve certainly noticed that the D Line is getting more green lights when traveling through Lower Queen Anne, which is great! I have the same concern as Aaron above… do the Dravus and Leary signals have TSP, and if it exists there, can it be improved to provide a more noticeable improvement to transit speed?

  8. @AndrewN @Aaron The Dravus and Leary intersections on 15th already are listed as having transit signal priority. Let us know if things get better. Based on your notes we’ll keep an eye on those two in case they can be improved.

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