Reminder: Come talk to us about West Seattle bus service tomorrow morning

Thanks to those of you who have taken the time to share your thoughts and experiences about bus service in West Seattle via our online feedback form. We are still listening. If you haven’t joined the conversation yet, consider talking with us tomorrow while you wait for the bus.

Look for Metro staff tomorrow (Tues.), Nov. 27, between 6:30 and 8:30 a.m. near northbound bus stops at:

  • the Alaska Junction
  • Morgan Junction
  • California Ave SW & SW Findlay
  • 35th Ave SW & SW Avalon Way

Click here for a map.

Read more about what we have heard, what we are doing about it, and take a few moments to tell us about your experience.

>>Visit the Metro Matters blog to learn more and complete an online feedback form.

>>Read more about West Seattle bus service since the September changes.

2 thoughts on “Reminder: Come talk to us about West Seattle bus service tomorrow morning

  1. Pardon me if I am unconcerned with the lovely and adorable C Line, when you have decimated and removed Route 23 and regurgitated out in its place Route 131. There is no longer a direct link to White Center – our nearest local community – instead forcing people to shop for groceries all the way down to Fred Meyer on 1st in Burien. By the way – that’s a terrible situation for pedestrians to catch a bus at; I’d work on the staging of that mess if I were in Transportation, but I’m not. And by the way – your Plan Your Trip is absolutely terrible. Have you outsourced it the last year? It is really pitiful, where once it was a useful tool.

    So, I am really disappointed in the C Line; it is a fond reminder of the famous snow route through West Seattle a few years ago when everyone living in the West Seattle area (and newspapers) blamed it on Greg Nickels, as the route designated to run; whereas, we in Highland Park were left without any bus service for 10 days. Now, Greg Nickels is no longer the mayor, so the mess lies at your Transportation Director’s feet. This looks like favoritism of the more privileged where the well-off neighborhoods get quick, fast service and whine if they have to stand on a 1/2 hour bus ride downtown. Obviously, they never lived in San Francisco and rode buses daily while standing “cheek-to-cheek”. While the coddling is going on over on “C Line Avenue” – the rest of my part of town is getting pushed further away from a meaningful bus service that at least brings people to White Center.

    A Retired King County Employee

  2. I think it is great that the 50 goes from Seaward Park to West Seattle. Makes my son a happy fisherman.

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