UPDATE: July 25 meeting sign-up change due to rain

The County Council just released this update regarding this afternoon’s meeting on the Congestion Reduction Charge (Proposed Ordinance 2011-0288), which will begin at 3 p.m. today (July 25):

  • Due to the rain, signups to testify at the public hearing will begin at 1 pm in the Fourth Avenue Plaza of the Administration building on the east side of the courthouse at 500 Fourth Ave.  This will reduce the number of people entering the Courthouse until it is time for them to testify. Signups will move to E942 after 5 pm. Posters with signup information will be placed at various locations around the Courthouse.
  • Those who wish to testify will be given a numbered card that will indicate their speaking order. The card will include some information about the schedule and will have a place for the name and address of the speaker.
  • The speaking schedule:
            Time of speaking Group
3 pm – 4 pm 1-20
4 pm – 5 pm 21-40
6 pm – 7 pm 41-60
Etc …  
  • The chair will call speakers in these groups.  As speakers approach the podium, they will give Council staff their cards, which will be used to create a database of those testifying.
  • Anyone who misses their group will be allowed to join the group that is currently testifying.
  • Overflow seating for speakers and observers will be provided in E942, the 9th floor presiding courtroom, which will have a TV and a coordinator who will remind the next group of speakers to go to the Council chambers.

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