Sound art for the A Line

4Culture, King County’s cultural services agency, has picked Seattle-based sound artist Christopher DeLaurenti to create an audio work for the RapidRide A Line under the county’s 1% for Art program.

DeLaurenti’s assignment is to survey A Line’s route and create a soundscape. According to a 4Culture blog post, the project will be accessible to the public online and via cell phones in order to “provide new sonic context for bus riders and route residents.”

DeLaurenti talked about his project during a tour of RapidRide facilities by advisory group members in July.

“You never have any idea how people will use your work,” he told the group. “It’s quite likely that someone will turn it on and they’ll just listen to it as background, which is great. It’s going to work like that.”

The audio project will also work if people listen to it as a kind of  “existential accompaniment” to the other sounds they encounter on the bus, or as a diversion or refuge from the bus, he said.

Part of his talk was captured on video:

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